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Quality Management and Assurance:


1. High quality is the life, Viso is confident in the superior quality of products being the most effective salesman.
2. Viso has advanced production management and LED display R & D technology and also continue to technical innovations.
Viso introduces new industrial automation equipment, and gradually optimize the every aspect of production process.
Viso brings in advanced quality test equipments so as to control all raw materials.
Viso has its own complete set of test methods and test standard.
Viso has a dust free factory, every equipment is on the ground. In order to the display are not hurted by the static electricity.
7. The Perfect Quality Organization such as IQC, IPQC, LQC, OQC, QE engineering and the management of the suppliers, etc. have already been established.


Test Equipment and Facilities
LED lighting aging box
1, LED lighting aging box , is for LED lighting test
2, LED lights need test 72hours continuous
3, LED lights test standard is conform to Standard IEC60598


LED module trim machine
1, LED module after pouring silicone , need trim by machine
2, LED modules trim machine , can improve viewing angles , brightness , flatness

LED module drought table
1, LED module silicone glue 's thickness 3-5mm
2, LED modules need drought , after pouring into silicone glue
3, LED modules need 3hours drying in the air , air-condition, cooling fans

LED modules test bracket
1, All modules need aging test at least 72hours
2, Any module test voltage 5V direct current
3, Test standard conform to CE standard IEC60950





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